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About KRM Enterprises

Established in 2009 KRM Enterprises is a full service independent consulting business firm envisioned by Kris McDaniel as a place for young women entrepreneurs to grow. The KRME mission is to be dedicated to helping business professionals, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations maximize their goals. KRME thrives on being dedicated to their clients’ business success. KRME assists organizations with managing change, risk versus reward decision making techniques, public relations strategies, business and marketing strategies, and offers services that will help a business owner legally own their business and protect their hard work. Every business has the ability to transform itself through analytical and strategic decision making. The customer market is always changing and business owners have to develop strategies to be responsive to customers’ wants and needs. Business owners have to be ahead of the curve by using the latest technology and marketing platforms to keep customer engagement high. Creating sales momentum with your business demands energy and discipline while constantly pushing the envelope of your capabilities as an entrepreneur. Please allow KRME to assist with creating a comprehensive strategic business plan to maintain and/or expand your consumer footprint while having the necessary control in place to protect your brand and business reputation.

Kris has a Masters in Executive Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance plus over 20 years of real world entrepreneur experience.  

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

KRM Enterprises lends valuable expertise and provides guidance in many different, specialized areas of business. KRME aids businesses who are just getting started and/or established businesses that need to expand their business offerings or appeal to new consumer markets.


Meet Kris McDaniel

Kris McDaniel

Managing Director, Notary Public

Kris McDaniel, managing director of KRME, is an experienced entrepreneur. After starting her first business at 22 years old, she knew she had the gift of being able to create, market, and drive any business to positive revenues. Kris has over 17 years of entrepreneurial experience with an intuitive knowledge of how to build business connections with thorough strategic networking. Kris understand business opportunities don’t always come through by presence alone, but through building trusted business relationships and well thought out collaborations with other business leaders. Kris holds an MBA, graduating at the top of her class. She specializes in the coaching and development of entrepreneurs, contract negotiations, State of Tennessee business law, social media marketing, public relations management, and governmental contracting. Kris has a passion for business that will provide a competitive advantage to each client serviced. Kris has unique business acumen that allows her to tailor a strategic business plan to fit any type of business.

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